New Baby Flowers

There’s no better way to greet a new born baby into the world than with flowers. Surprise a baby girl or baby boy with a cheery bouquet sure to make a new mom smile. Have a new plant delivered to the home that will grow and blossom along with the new bundle of joy !

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Choosing Baby Flowers

Like birthstones, each calendar month of the year is also associated with a particular birth flower. Choosing a bouquet that aligns with the birthday of the new baby is a very thoughtful and unique way to send a loving message to both mother and baby.

  • January – Carnation
  • February – Iris
  • March – Daffodil
  • April – Daisy
  • May – Lily
  • June – Rose
  • July – Larkspur
  • August – Gladiola
  • September – Aster
  • October – Marigold
  • November – Chrysanthemum
  • December – Poinsettia

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