Sympathy and Funeral Flowers

Sending sympathy and funeral flowers is a beautiful way to honor those who pass away, and comfort those left behind. A floral basket, living plant, or arrangement is an appropriate way to send a caring message. Bright flowers can reflect on the energetic and loving personality of the deceased. Make your arrangement unique by choosing a special design 0r their favorite color, an association membership, forces connection, or a hobby.

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Other Types of Sympathy Flowers:

Floral Wreaths, Crosses, and Sprays: These are available in many sizes and are generally sent by those not personally acquainted with the deceased, such as companies, associations, or others who would like to honor the deceased for service or other acts during their lifetime.

Lid Arrangements: Lid arrangements are also referred to as casket covers and are generally provided by family, particularly children, or grandchildren of the deceased. Casket covers of all kinds are traditionally reserved for family members. Should you wish to send an arrangement of this type, be sure to ask the family first.

Cremation Flowers: In the case of cremation with a funeral service, a floral arrangement is appropriate. If there will be no services at all, it is more appropriate to send an all-occasion type floral basket arrangement to the family’s home.

Flowers at a funeral service add warmth and life to a somber event and are a tangible tribute to the deceased. Let the bereaved know, visibly, how much their loved one touched the lives of others. Some people choose to send flowers several weeks after the funeral to remind the bereaved that we are still thinking of them and their loss.


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